Our work stands out – just ask our clients! Companies small and large alike have trusted Elevation Creation with their creative needs and have continued to return time after time, with partnerships enduring many years. Our team of experts work together to ensure a seamless final product. Our clients have plenty to say about Elevation Creation and our work, read about past projects and experiences below.

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Dianne DeBerard, Director of Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel and his talented team on several projects including exhibit DVD demos, website interface designs, and video projects. I could not have asked for more professionalism, creativity and accommodating service than I received from Daniel and his team. I would utilize their services again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them to any business looking to add a high-quality, creative edge to their marketing mix.”

Copper Mountain Resort

Michael Forbus, Marketing Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel Montano and the Elevation Creation team for over 11 years.  The greatest amount of work we did together was during the six years I was the marketing director at Copper Mountain Resort.  During that time we worked together in creating a complete repositioning of the resort, and reinvention of all of our programs.  Efforts that generated a complete turnaround in our business in just one year.  The ultimate result was the successful sale three years later of Copper Mountain to Intrawest Resorts, headquartered in Vancouver B.C.

During this period, Daniel and his team played a critical role in all of our major marketing programs and sales support efforts, and most certainly, they played a critical role in our success.  I can honestly say that we could not have accomplished all we did, with such quality and effectiveness without their support.  We asked them to go above and beyond the role of a traditional agency, and made significant demands on their time and resources.  Without fail, they came through for us.  The amount of work we had to do was monumental, and whether it was working evenings or through the weekend, they were always there for us.  And just as importantly, we all had a great time working together!  Having come from a previous career with Young & Rubicam, which was the largest U.S. based advertising agency in the world, I had never witnessed the kind of responsiveness, dedication and creative energy from a single creative team. You will always succeed in your efforts if you have the Elevation Creation team on your side!”

Cordy & Company, Inc.

John Milton Wesley, Senior Associate

“Daniel Montano and his team at Elevation Creation International are superb! The enhancements they have always provided to our projects at Cordy & Company, Inc. over the years have been “priceless.” We have worked together on public and private sector projects. Daniel is a “genius” when it comes to working with “new media”, multiple platforms, and cross-cultural communications. His approach is always “Green”, vibrant, holistic, budget conscious, “cutting edge.” His is a fingerprint you want on your work!”

AdamWorks LLC

Jan D.

“Our firm had a decent website, but the presentation was getting long in the tooth and it needed a significant refresh. I probably don’t have to tell anyone that finding a quality firm to perform this service is challenging, and prices are all over the board. It’s also difficult to know what you’re going to get at the end of the day.

I was fortunate to have found Elevation Creation through my referral network. After I called EC and gave them an overview of what we were looking for, they followed with a face-to-face visit. They came with examples of projects they’d done relevant to what we were looking for. The quickly established credibility and readily offered references (which were from long-term delighted customers). When the work started, the EC team provided excellent communication throughout the process and the first draft was very close to what we described to them. Edits during the fine-tuning process were handled promptly.

When our updated site went live, there were no glitches and the roll-out was essentially seamless. EC had taken all the necessary steps behind the scenes to ensure this would happen. Finally, EC came out shortly after the roll-out and provided training so that we can modify/add-to our content ourselves, with EC always in the background ready to help with any significant updates.

The fee for services was a significant value for what we received, and we are delighted with the outcome. We’ve been involved with/are familiar with other sources for these services; none of which come close to EC. The team at EC are professionals who know their business well and more importantly, know how to listen to their customer.

If you are in the market for web design and related services, you need to reach out to Elevation Creation. Highly recommended.”

Davis Schilken, PC

Ronda Zivalich

“Working with Daniel Montano and the Elevation Creation team has been a wonderful experience.  Not only did they design a beautiful website that is very user friendly, they were such a joy to work with.  They completed everything on time and had wonderful recommendations.  We have gotten so many compliments on our new website and we’re very proud to showcase it.”

Fresh Design

Nancy Chambers, President

“Having worked with Daniel for many years I can say that his exuberant personality makes him a joy to work with both as a client and a team member. He’s very detail oriented, organized, loves what he does, and is always interested in new opportunities. His many years in the industry give him extraordinary insight and he’ll always go the extra mile for his clients and staff alike. I highly recommend him both as an employer and as a film producer.”

Accent Windows

Lindsey Marcovich, Marketing Director

“We worked with Daniel Montano  and the Elevation Creation team to revamp our website a few years ago. Working with them has really made sense for us and has been a perfect fit. Accent Windows really believes in offering a quality product and superior service… Because Accent Windows continues to grow and become a larger company, it was important for us to rely upon one company to put together our website and other marketing materials that we use.

Before we hired Daniel Montano and his creative team, our average website visits were between 350-400 per day, now our website gets over 4,200 visits a day. Elevation Creation has really taken a lot of stress off me and made my job a lot easier. By putting them in charge, they’ve made sure my website has been perfect. It’s very easy for me to call them up and tell them “hey I’m sending some changes over” and it’s done—just like that! It’s also been really fun to go down to visit them in their office. It’s an inviting environment. Everyone is so friendly and it’s so enjoyable.

I’d recommend Daniel and his team to anyone; Overall, my experience has been excellent from start to finish. I’m excited to continue to work with Elevation Creation and do other projects in the future, possible television. I would definitely recommend Elevation Creation, they’ve done a wonderful job.”


Mike Gellman, CEO

“I’ve worked with Daniel on numerous occasions over the past decade. He is one of the most creative people in our community. He’s enthusiastic, energetic, and committed to producing solid work for his clients. In the Denver advertising community, it doesn’t get much better than Daniel Montano and the Elevation Creation team!”

Mountain West Credit Union Association

Rick Cranston, Senior Director

“I’ve worked with Daniel and his team at Elevation Creation in several different settings over the years including the technology consulting industry and now in the financial services industry. I keep picking up the phone because I know I can always count on Daniel as a partner to deliver top quality competitively priced solutions. Daniel and the team at Elevation Creation always do terrific work. Daniel and his team have earned time and again my highest recommendation.”

Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA)

Jodi Holstein, Administration

“Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority received a reference to consider Daniel Montano and his team as our graphics and design partner. The circumstances were critical and our search was impromptu. Our newsletter, which had been known for an existing feel and design needed to be produced, and our 70 page website, for all intents and purposes had been rendered useless.

Daniel Montano committed to provide a level of service and support to the FRA that was necessary for him to earn our business,  and has exceeded every promise and every expectation.  Daniel and his team further produce our very extensive newsletter, with accolades from the community.  Additionally, our website was healed, which required it to be completely reproduced on a different platform and in record time. As someone who had no experience with website management, our initial website was complicated and intimidating. Elevation Creation transformed it into a site that I can easily manage and feel comfortable with.

Admittedly, the FRA is what I would call a high-maintenance customer. Although I strive for projects to be smooth and planned in advance, the nature of our business requires flexibility and a passion for a challenge. Elevation Creation has risen to every challenge I have thrown at them. Our expectation is that our promotional materials reflect a professional and unique image.  Elevation Creation gets that.

Aside from the professional relationship that has been forged and that I rely on heavily in order to be successful in my position, Daniel Montano display personal traits that make doing business with them a pleasure. Daniel exhibit kindness and patience, and are there to offer suggestions when asked, without being territorial over their own ideas. That is necessary to achieve a collaborative environment and not the norm in the industry. They make themselves available in a time crunch and take time to get to know the people. I believe that is why they can so uniquely capture our mission and carry it forward in our messaging.

I look forward to a continued successful partnership with Daniel, and the Elevation Creation team. I could not imagine it any other way.”

Propel Advertising

George Pollack, Owner

“Daniel has that rare combination of creative, expertise and business acumen that is seldom found. He’s the complete professional. He is truly one of a kind.”

Xcelente Marketing & Advertising

Elizabeth Suarez, Founder

“It certainly is a pleasure to work with Daniel as an owner of a marketing and public relations agency. When I was in need for a highly creative and effective campaign, I would always turn to him for his design capabilities and skills. He has the agility of determining what is the most effective way to communicate any message. I highly recommend his work!”


George Moore, Senior Manager/Principal

“Daniel is a master creative with whom I have had the pleasure of working together on several projects. When it comes to eStrategies, he is not only insightful and strategic, but also very tactical. I discovered this when I worked with him on some critical projects and realized that his tactical approaches were not only precise and clear but came together strategically. When he works with a client, he goes above and beyond the requirements and delves into each element of execution. I have worked in web-based businesses for 9 years and respect his ability to bring it all together elegantly.”

PG Exhibits, GMG Enterprises

Greg Miller, Independent Senior Account Executive

“I have had the pleasure to work with Daniel and his team on a number of projects. His creative direction and energy creates a productive environment in addressing client needs. The input, feedback and follow-up creates a great working partnership. I highly recommend Daniel to clients that need to take their marketing programs to the next level.”

Catapult Systems

Robin Schaffer, Senior Account Executive at Catapult Systems

“Daniel is the ultimate professional. He is well seasoned in the challenging coordination of creative individuals and processes and has a fabulous, calming effect under stress. Daniel’s work is clean, creative and hits the mark on the marketing and business issues that are being addressed. I love working with this man and his team!”

MGT Performance Improvement

Mark M. Tanner, PhD Executive Coach

“Daniel is everything you are looking for in a marketing partner. He and his team at are creative and on top of the latest marketing trends and technology. Daniel can work with just about any budget— startup company to Fortune 500. I’ll go back to him and Elevation Creation again and again.”

NeverSummer Films

Jack Dinkmeyer, Film Producer

“Daniel is a creative, cooperative, and personable professional who takes great pride in his work. He can be trusted to deliver the highest quality production. Daniel is unique in that he makes the effort to understand exactly what the client wants and needs before starting the creative process. An excellent manager, no one will be dissatisfied with the results from Daniel Montano and his team at Elevation Creation.”

Propel Advertising

Larry Norman, Partner

“Daniel is a highly inspirational and creatively talented team leader at Elevation Creation International. He brings direction, insight, energy, and unbridled enthusiasm to the table on each project or job he works on. And he is always a great pleasure to collaborate with.”


Lewis Del Ponte, Registered Representative

“Daniel is a creative genius! From the beautiful space that his office occupies to a pomegranate themed holiday party, Daniel’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. Daniel works hard and applies himself to any project that he takes on and is able to give you as a client the attention you need whether you are in need of a new website or a new national ad campaign, Daniel is the man for the job!”


Keith Hagen, Internet Stategist & Revenue Engineer

“Daniel clearly displays his experience as a Marketing veteran. With excellent organization and insight, working with him is easy.”

Michael Albert

Owner, MLA Photonix Photography

“Daniel is very professional, well carried and obviously loves what he does. His staff and clients both adore him and thoroughly enjoy working with him. His talent and experience as a creative shine and are totally capable of propelling any campaign in the proper direction. Daniel show’s a commitment to his life and his craft that most definitely set him apart. . . with so many friends and longtime clients it’s no wonder why he’s so happy and successful!”


Kristen Kopplin, Marketing Director

“I love working with Daniel and his team! At Copper Mountain Resort and Intrawest, we hired Daniel and his team for several ongoing projects and they always came back with creative, interesting concepts to push the brand to the next level. Daniel and his team were integral in the redesign of the company image and industry positioning that saw year-over-year sales earn their biggest leap ever. I’m looking forward to working with Daniel again.”

Sy Nayman

Internet Strategist

“Daniel is one of Denver’s best communication consultants. Creating valuable results and personally assuring quality are second nature to him. I look forward to our next engagement and recommend Elevation Creation without any reservation.”

Vicki Jenings, CPM

Director of Business Relations
Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority

“I have had the opportunity to utilize the diverse offerings of Daniel Montano at Elevation Creation. From branding to print campaigns to video projects, I found the creativity to be inspiring, the staff to be skilled and responsive, and the end products to be the highest quality.”

Armando Martín

XL Alliance

“Daniel and I have collaborated on dozens of projects, from logo and branding development, television, to web design. He is always generous with his input, quick to respond and provides the best of both worlds; creative with an eye on the bottom line.”

Pam Lavergne

Contacting Officer
Department of Energy

“I have found Elevation Creation to be the most professional and experienced companies and group of experts in their field of Web Development, and Marketing Support!” Outstanding!”

Londell Jackson

Job Readiness Instructor
Center for Work Education Employment

“I contracted Daniel and his team to design a conference program for my organization. I found him and his staff completely qualified and utterly resourceful in both the design and layout of the program. Since this was my first time that I had been charged with such a task, all I needed to do was provide the content, and they did the rest. 
My board and my members were thoroughly impressed with the finished product!”

Steve Stremsterfer

Heywire Creative

“Daniel’s ability to manage a menagerie of projects simultaneously is fantastic. He always seems to be able to step back and determine exactly what solution a particular projects needs and makes it perfect.”


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